Return & Refund

The following return and refund policy applies to all item sold on our website even broken during shipping:
For non-motor equipment – 7 day to return from the day parcel received. Date of received follow date the item delivered.
For motor equipment – All motor equipment will have 1 year of warranty. 1 year to return from the date purchase if the motor have problem.
Evidence to provide – Buyer need to provide photo of the broken item and broken part, order number buy from website, receipt of the item purchase, and finally state out their name, address and phone number.
After return & refund – Customer will get same credit to buy another item example RM400 item will refund as RM400 credit to buy same or another item in our website if item bought exceed the credit buyer need to pay the balance. Item refunded must be return in good condition besides the broken part shown as evidence.
Return shipping fee – will pay by Gym Santuary when return.
Condition of return:
1. Was it in physical damage during delivery (Can be return and we send the same item or refund in credit to buy same value of product)
2. Has one or more part of accessories missing( Gym Santuary will send again the accessories unless accessories no more produce)
3. Return and refund not entitle for unreasonable reason example: i do not like this equipment/i do not want this equipment and so on.
4. Before returning the equipment, buyer are required to cover with plastic cover or bubble wrap to avoid further damage.

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