Privacy policy

1) The types of information we collected for visitors who visit our website. 

  • names
  • addresses
  • phone numbers
  • e-mail addresses
  • IP addresses
  • access dates and times

2) The purpose we collect visitor data:

  • For product order and shipping purpose
  • For follow up
  • For payment purpose

3) Visitor information will be collected through?

  • Cookies
  • Surveys
  • Web forms
  • Online event registration
  • newsletter sign-up
  • When visitor place an order

4) What will this information be used for and who will have access to it?

  • Only the website owner can access to the visitor information and all the information is mainly for follow up process, order and preorder process and we are not using the customer information outside of the purpose.

5) How will users be informed if your privacy policies change (including changes to how the information will be used)?

  • Via email?
  • We will post a privacy statement modification date

6) Questions about site’s privacy statement?

  • Any question can contact the web master through the site contact us where the phone number have provided

7) How is user information protected?

  • All the information of customer will only use for order, payment, follow up, and delivery only and the information will not share outside of this area.
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